Overcoming Fear


Today I signed up for an Introductory Special of one month UNLIMTED YOGA at Garden State Yoga  in Bloomfield, NJ.  I attended my first Advanced Vinyasa class with one of the best yoga instructors I have ever had, Becky Middleton.  She really knows how to balance strength and ease in a class.  I have never been so challenged and yet so invigorated to make it through a class.  While there were many advanced students in the class, the instructor meets you where you are and encourages you to try a pose if you are comfortable with it.  I did not feel any pressure and finally had the courage to really attempt crow pose and side angle crow without any fear of falling on my face. I loved Becky’s teaching style and how she built us up to the peak pose which was handstand, another pose I have been afraid to try.  It was perfect to see how each pose builds the core strength and balance needed for the peak pose, given that our assignment this week is to design a peak pose class.  At the end of class, I thanked Becky and asked her if she could give me any pointers for crow pose since I felt like I was right there on the verge of the pose.  She walked me through it and I DID IT!  I did not hold the pose for very long but I was in it and now understand all the components, where my hands, arms and gaze need to be in order to get into crow.