Private Family Yoga Session

After 9 months of tutoring a set of 8 year old twins, a boy and a girl, they had advanced academically, but their parents still felt their focus and concentration during homework time could use some improvement.  Naturally, I recommended yoga and the parents were very receptive.  

Today was my first private yoga session with the twins.  They laid out their yoga mats in the playroom and we began by chanting some OMs.  Getting them to sit still and not giggle took a few tries, but by their third OM, they were more focused and relaxed and ready for some basic breathing exercises.  We did balloon breathing and I had them each choose a “pretend” balloon, of any shape and color and place it on their belly.  We used our breath to inflate the balloon, getting bigger as we inhale and then shrinking back as we exhale out.  

I brought my set of Illustrated Kids Yoga Cards and after a few basic poses such as downward dog and cat, I had them chose the poses they wanted to do and read the poems on the backs of the cards.  I played some music which is usually a big hit with my preschoolers, but the twins thought it was corny and asked me to bring some more “hip” music next time.  

After doing several of the poses, we tried some partner poses, which they really enjoyed doing together, like Partner Downward Dog, Lizard &  Rock.  At one point, they were resting in child’s pose and the girl twin said that her brother kissed her on the cheek.  “He never kisses me.”  It was really adorable to watch them bonding together and learn about working together and building trust that they would support each other up during the partner poses.  After almost an hour of yoga fun, now came the biggest challenge…relaxation time.   It took a while to calm them down and lay still, but as they listened to the sound of my voice during my guided visualization, they became more and more relaxed.

At the end of the session, they told me they really liked yoga.  Our first yoga family play date was a success!!