Yoga Immersion

Just 3 days before I embark on the journey of my yoga teacher training, I am beginning to inquire into what YOGA IS TO ME…

Having run a successful children’s yoga and arts business in NYC for 4 years and now that I am creating and teaching my own yoga enrichment program Be Yoga Be Love at several preschools in New Jersey, I have seen firsthand the benefits that yoga provides to children.  Yoga nurtures a child’s development on all levels-mind, body, spirit and I am committed to bringing yoga to as many children as I can reach in my lifetime.

As far as my own practice, it has been quite a challenge to make yoga a discipline, despite the fact that after each yoga class I take, I feel so connected and at peace inside.  It is the same sense I get when I see the peaceful faces of the children I teach sitting in Namaste  at the end of class and connected to who they are inside.

Today I attended the community Bikram yoga class at BEvolution Yoga in Montclair.  From the moment class began, I noticed how much effort I put into even the simplest of breathing exercises.  This awareness allowed me to recognize all the judgments and expectations I have of myself, my need to be perfect and how I sometimes push my body beyond its limits.  Every time I walk into Bikram class, I am humbled just thinking about how I will make it to the end of class.  It’s all I can do to stay present, knowing that yoga is more about the journey than the poses.  Some days I feel balanced and can hold my body steady, while other times I feel wobbly and out of whack, just like in my life.  Every moment is different, every moment I am different…ever evolving into the woman I was born to be.   I am all about plunging into the unknown, but sometimes it’s more about the baby steps, taking life day by day, moment by moment.

To me, yoga is about finding the space to be imperfect, to be patient, to accept where I am right here, right NOW.  In yoga class, each asana (pose) is an opportunity for me to reflect on and practice some very essential skills that sometimes I forget during the course of my daily life…listening to my body, tuning into myself and connecting with my deeper truth.

YOGA is…connection, union, acceptance, presence, discipline and love.

Let the journey begin…