Creating Space

create space

Yoga creates space for what you want to come into your life.

This week I was finally able to make it to my Tuesday night yoga class with one of my mentors, Becky Middleton at Garden State Yoga. Whenever I take Becky’s class, something opens up for me.  At the beginning of class, she asked us to set an intention.

As I tuned into my breath, my intention was clear… I am devoting my practice to nurturing myself.

For the first time in a long time, perhaps ever…my intention was my own, for me and only me.

Becky led us through a rigorous Vinyasa class that balanced power with fluidity and grace.  She incorporated some beautiful dance-like movements, which were reminiscent of a bird in flight.  The sequence really opened my heart to what I have been exploring over the past year: keeping my attention on myself, loving myself and owning my power. Sometimes you do not recognize your own transformation until you take the time to really be present-in your body on the mat.

At some point during the class, I had this deeply moving realization that yoga allows me to CREATE SPACE.

My body opens with each pose

My mind expands with each breath

My soul comes home  

I am grateful for my yoga practice and my teachers.  I am grounded in my intention to nourish myself, first and foremost.

In this spaciousness I have created, love can continue to blossom.

I am opening, ever opening to LOVE.