Ocean of Infinite Love- a Muse Monday Poem

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Why Kids Love Yoga

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This week I got to share a few pages of my kids yoga book with my own students.  As I read them the story, I realized how much they get into it because yoga is an exploration of mind, body and imagination  through PLAY, which is what they do naturally!

Each yoga pose is a way for them to connect with themselves and nature because they can pretend to BE their favorite animals and objects.  This gives children a deep reverence and appreciation for all people and  living things, the Earth and world around them.  My greatest joy as a yoga teacher is being able to bring fun and whimsy to learning through music, art, poetry and of course storytelling.  I am so inspired by the creativity of the children I teach every day,  

Children find the magic in Yoga and we go on our own magical adventure every class!

As an educator who has worked with all grade levels from Kindergarten through High School, I can attest to the fact that using some basic  yoga principles can enhance the learning experience for children of all ages.

The possibilities of integrating yoga into any curriculum or academic setting are endless!

For preschool age children, yoga reinforces everything they learn in school, from Language (recognizing the letters that their  favorite poses start with) to Math (counting as the hold poses) to Science (the life cycle of the butterfly) and can be tied into any theme, season or holiday.  But yoga is not just for younger kids, school age children can also reap the benefits of time to stretch and unwind after a long school day. I even use relaxation and breathing techniques with some of the teens I tutor as an academic coach.  They enjoy guided visualizations which allow them to slow down their active minds and go on a “journey” to a peaceful place.




Visual Muse

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“Art and yoga expand your mind and soul” ~ Betty Larrea


I am feeling so inspired by the magnificent art and creativity I soaked in at Art Basel.

Art nourishes my soul and I had some yoga fun this weekend by striking a pose along the way!

Namaste to all the art & yoga lovers out there…



I’m Grateful for…

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My heart is overflowing…

No matter what you have or don’t have, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for in this MOMENT.

This year has been so FULL OF LOVE, support and abundance for me, so today I want to express my profound gratitude for the magic and miracles in my life:

To my amazing FAMILY: my mom, dad, brother, nieces, uncle and aunt and cousins who have supported me throughout this entire year and encouraged me to follow my dream of writing a book.

To my soul SISTERS and evolutionary partners Alice and Mary for reminding me who I am and holding the possibility for me when I could not see it.

To my AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY for their love and acceptance , for seeing me, and BEing with all parts of me as I continue to learn to BE with those parts too.

To my YOGA practice and community, for providing the safe haven to integrate all parts of myself, mind, body, spirit.

To the SCHOOLS and STUDENTS  I teach, for being able to PLAY yoga and express myself every day!

To my MENTORS and COACHES, Sirena, Megan and Sora, for guiding me into the mystical, mysterious realm of my Soul and allowing me to simply BE that pure raw beauty within.

To my Illustrator Lorena, for capturing the wonder and whimsy of my children’s book and infusing so much love and imagination into my main character through her beautiful artwork.

To GOD, the UNIVERSE, the SOURCE of all, for co-creating with me this beautiful life I’m living.

To MYSELF, for having the courage to grow and evolve, for surrendering and for LOVING and SHINING my LIGHT in the world so others see their own LOVE AND LIGHT reflected in me!

On this day of GIVING THANKS, I invite you to take a moment to appreciate ALL the blessings, the people, the abundant love that you have in your life.



Infinite Love to You All,




Muse Monday-The I AM Poems

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Muse Mondays is back!

It’s been a while since I shared my poetry.  Many poems have been coming through me exploring the I AM.

 The I AM power is the healing power of the universe.

It’s the force from which the universe is made, and it is also the basic substance of which we are made. The I AM power can be experienced as a light or as a profound feeling in the heart or as great wisdom. There is no limit to the power of the I AM to heal and transform every aspect of life. The wordOM is a form of I AM as well.

Here are two poems from my new collection called the I AM Poems:


Letting the words free flow from Source

I AM a river coursing its course


Sometimes the words come in fragments,

one by one

I feel them come

From Soul to paper


I AM the paper doll

Open me slowly,

One part of me behind the other


I AM unveiling myself to infinity

Reclaiming the lost parts of me

For you to see me as I AM





Pieces of me

I AM trying to collect each piece

Come back into wholeness


I AM the china doll

fallen from the pedestal

broken, shattered

a million pieces scattered


I AM the glue holding it all together


Magical Journey of Yoga and Reading

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Books are Magical Adventures for Kids

Take your children on magical adventures…
open their minds and imaginations with books, princesses, pirates, fairies and all things make-believe!

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Reading is the Greatest Gift

Remember your favorite bedtime story? and how you begged your parents to read you just onemorebook

Some of my greatest memories are of favorite book with dog eared pages that I would ask my parents to read me over and over again.

The Sesame Street Classic the Monster at the End of this Book, Cinderella, Bambi, Curious George, Frog and Toad,  anything Dr. Seuss.

And as I grew older and could read on my own, I discovered Judy Blume, the Nancy Drew series, the Witch of Blackbird Pond, the Outsiders.

I have always loved my books and still do.  My ever growing library is filled with classics and contemporary books of all genres.

As a yoga teacher, one of my favorite things is perusing through the library, bookstores or Amazon in search of fun books to use in my classes!

Reading is truly a gift that was given to me every time my mother took me to the library or read me a bedtime story.

What are some of YOUR favorite children’s books from childhood or the favorite book you love to read to your child?

Manni Olivia BYBL

Exciting News: Book Publication Nov 2014

I have been away for a few months busily at work on completing my children’s book and getting it ready for publication.  It has been a long time dream of mine to publish a book that can be enjoyed by children and families around the world and in less than 2 months, this dream will be a reality!

I have always been a book lover and am excited to share my love of both yoga and poetry!  As part of my book launch, for the next month, I will be posting inspirational quotes about the magic that reading and books create.

I will soon be taking pre-orders for my new children’s yoga book.  Stay tuned!

Julianna Bookworm BYBL

We are Divine Love~ A Poem

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