Blissful Yoga Retreat

Yoga Rural Retreat

I just got back from the most nourishing retreat weekend!  

It’s amazing what the Universe provides when you ask.  I had set the intention to expand my circle of spiritually minded people and that same week was invited by a new friend, Lizzie to join a her and some other people for a retreat at her parent’s home in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  There were 10 of us, including her parents, who were such wonderful hosts.  They welcomed us into their beautiful home, which was surrounded by lush green fields and lots of farmland and nature to explore.

The night we arrived, we all gathered around a fire pit and did a Release Ceremony.  

We each wrote down something we wanted to let go of and then one by one dropped the piece of paper in the fire. There was something so sacred and powerful having others witness the release of  something that no longer serves you. We shared stories, laughed and sang together.  While I had only met two of the people there, it felt like we were a family.

The next morning , a few of us sat around reading poetry from one of my favorite books:  Love Poems from God.  

We each took turns opening the book to any page and reading the poem.  It was interesting to see how each of the poems had a message to teach us, and was really relevant in our lives.  Being a poet, it was like a dream come true to share soulful poetry with others!

One of the highlights of the weekend  was going on a hike to enjoy the glorious countryside.

We just wandered around, it was like an adventure..we found farm animals, winding roads, beautiful homes nestled in the trees and then discovered a creek. We took off our shoes and walked across the rocks.  It was so refreshing to feel the water flowing over my feet!  Being fully immersed in Nature can really bring a sense of peace and rejuvenation, especially when you have the luxury to be away from all the busyness and stress of day-to-day life.

betty on the creek

Later in the afternoon, we set our mats out on the grass and took a yoga class with own very own private instructor!   I love doing yoga outdoors…looking up at the sky, the trees all around you, the wind and gentle rain on your face.  I felt really connected to all of nature, to my new friends and to myself.

yoga field

For dinner, we all helped prepare a yummy vegetarian feast.

Before our meal, we offered gratitude for the food and this whole experience we were sharing together.  Then we had some tea and got ready to go out to build a fire and roast jumbo marshmallows.  

retreat feast

Lizziea voice teacher and kirtan leader, shared her lovely voice to lead us in some singing and chanting.

We danced, chanted, played and made s’mores by the fire.  Such a good vibration of love and connection was present in this circle, this tribe of like-minded souls and I felt so blessed to be part of it.

The next day, one of the other yoga teachers in the group, Irina led a class for a few of us.  We also did a group meditation outdoors led by Mark Dee.  I love how each one of us shared our unique gifts to contribute to each other at the retreat.  We all had some wonderful discussions throughout the weekend and made some nice connections that have led to new opportunities.

For me, the retreat was such a gift because it reminded me of how easily we can create community and support each other.  Each of us is on our own spiritual path, but when you find others along your path who enrich and nourish you, the journey becomes all the more enlightening!