Being in the Flow

Tonight I took an advanced level vinyasa class at Garden State Yoga Studio in Bloomfield. Vinyasa is the style of yoga I resonate with the most.  Vinyasa is defined as a a series of sequential movements that interlink postures with breathing to form a continuous flow.  I love the fluidity of one pose leading into another and the linking of movement & breath.

It had been a while since I took a yoga class that really challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone.  Our instructor Becky led us through a rigorous and invigorating class that really inspired me.  She came over to my mat a few times to adjust me and I really appreciated the hands on instruction, knowing that I would be fully immersed in my own yoga training soon. 

The idea of “being in the flow” is one that I have been discovering in my life.  When I feel connected to myself, I find that life is effortless and I am guided to what is next.  That is exactly how I was led to my yoga teacher training. 

The week before I decided to register, I received an email from a yoga teacher whose mailing list I was on that had completed her training through 3 Sisters.   I was telling my best friend about it and she suggested I set an intention to complete my own training this year. Then I received an email from a friend who had just returned from getting her yoga certification in Brazil.  Finally, I was volunteering with Newark Yoga Movement and the Director of the program, Debby Kaminsky highly recommended that I pursue my 200 hour certification.  That was the defining moment for me, all signs were pointing to it and I decided to follow them.  

As you go through your day, remember to BE IN THE FLOW…