Being Fearless


What does it mean to BE FEARLESS?

As I have been reconnecting with my personal yoga practice more and more at home, I have been facing my fear of certain poses.  I have always avoided headstand in yoga class because of my fear of falling down or not being able to do it, so I never try it.

The other night, I was feeling adventurous and decided to try a headstand against the wall.  I found my balance in my core and was able to stay in the pose without toppling over.  After a few more tries, I moved away from the wall and kept my focus on my abdominal muscles and the feeling of holding my center strong and before I knew it, I able to get up into the pose without the wall!

I noticed that for the first time ever, there was no expectation or limitation on myself.  I was just present to my body in the moment, to being in total alignment with myself.  I just kept breathing through it and maintaining my focus, letting go of any negative thoughts or fear of falling.  I simply allowed myself to ease into the pose, it felt so natural and effortless. What a sense of power in being able to keep my attention on my body and posture, rather than my fear!

“The purpose of Yoga is to facilitate the profound inner relaxation that accompanies fearlessness. 

The release from fear is what finally precipitates the full flowering of love.” ~Eric Schiffmann

fearless leap

I can see now that all this time  of being afraid to try was limiting me.  The lesson here: It’s not about not having fear, but about facing your fear and not letting it stop you.  This goes beyond our yoga practice because facing fear is something we will always encounter in our lives.

What would YOU do if you had NO FEAR?    I would love to know your thoughts…