After teaching my morning preschool yoga class, I decided to take Kristin’s Power Hour class at GSY.  Since I am preparing to teach my first adult teacher classes and private family yoga, it is so inspiring to practice with an instructor who provides such a wonderful context for my yoga practice through her dharma talks and cues.

Today’s theme was about ALIGNMENT and how our commitment to an intention requires our actions to be aligned with our intention.  So many times we sabotage ourselves when our actions are completely out of whack with our intention.  

The idea of alignment really guided my yoga practice today, as I found more ease in discovering the posture, rather than forcing my body to do something.  Alignment is so important in yoga, not only because it gives us the full benefit of the posture, but also because it helps to prevent injury. Ever since my yoga training, I find myself feeling more and more comfortable with poses that I used to struggle with.  The difference now is that I have been integrating what I was trained in with what I have been learning from my yoga teachers.  

My mantra for today:

I am fully aligned with my intentions.