AcroYoga: Dare to Fly

dare to fly

Last weekend I attended an amazing AcroYoga Elementals Playshop at Starseed Yoga in Verona, NJ.  The class was led by Lorrie Sheppard and Brian Yuen of Interactive Yoga.  I have done partner yoga with my niece before and love doing inversions on my yoga swing, but had never taken a formal acroyoga class.

AcroYoga is a form of partner yoga where one person (the “base”) supports the other (the “flyer”) in a series of aerial postures.

Lorrie and Brian created such a safe, fun space to explore acroyoga!  We began with some partner and group stretching, where we were able to get a deeper stretch by working together.  The instructors first went over some of the basics and safety guidelines and then we plunged right into the flying!!

We practiced some very challenging poses which involved doing advanced backbends.  We also learned important techniques in “spotting” or assisting both the base and the flyer to feel supported and safe.  It was a team effort, as we helped each other find the balance and alignment in each pose.

Betty Acrobat Yogi

AcroYoga allows you to fully immerse yourself in a pose while your weight is being fully supported by your partner.

There is a fluid synergy between the base and the flyer, as you work together to discover creative ways to join your bodies in flight.  Each of us took turns being the base, the flyer and the spotter, so we all  got to experience the full spectrum of AcroYoga.   The playshop was nourishing on so many levels and gave us the opportunity to connect with others and try certain postures which required openness and trust.  But most of all, we all had FUN!

Betty Acroyoga 3-10-13

For me, the lesson was about trust and surrender.  

There is something so freeing about being able to fly in the air and trust that you are being held and supported.  Just like in AcroYoga, life is about learning to trust and surrender to the Universe, knowing that you are supported and will be taken care of.  That is not always an easy lesson but daring to take risks and fly is the only way you can soar!

I can’t wait for my next AcroYoga Adventure!  For upcoming acroyoga events, be sure to visit Interactive Yoga’s website at