A Perfect SNOWY Day!

perfect day book

We has some more Snowy Yoga Fun with this great book A Perfect Day by Carin Berger.

On another trip to my local library (where I have been spending some time perusing the children’s books like I used to as a child), I discovered this great book to use in my classes this week.  It never ceases to amaze me how a simple book can turn my yoga classes into a magical field trip to wild and wonderful places! Children just love it when they get to go out on a winter adventure even in the warmth & coziness of their own classroom…

We started class with a Winter’s Breath…I asked the children to take a deep breath in and place their hands out in front of their faces so they could feel the warm air as they exhaled.  Then we did a cute SNOWFLAKE MOVEMENT warm-up where we pretended to move and twirl and fall like snowflakes to the ground to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which can be found on the Intellidancing Youtube page.

The illustrations in A Perfect Day have a vintage collage and playful feel to them and the kids loved all the fun winter activities and yoga poses we got to explore together.

Here are just some of the fun YOGA POSES and MOVEMENTS they loved:



Skiing in CHAIR


Snowball Fight

Building Snowman GROUP POSE  (children in CHILD’S POSE for base,  some kneeling and making BALLOON BELLY BREATHS and the rest standing with arms outstretched in a circle around them)

Snow Fort (children lined up in two rows with arms outstretched to make a ROOFTOP while one child went inside FORT)

Sledding on our YOGA MAT SLEDS

Snow Angels (Movement then RECLINING STAR POSE)

Lanterns (CANDLE)

Warm Hugs (Give yourself a HUG)

Hot Chocolate (Stirring with ARM CIRCLES)



Then I played some soothing music and did a guided visualization which they really enjoyed.  Even a snowy day can be an opportunity to take kids on a magical yoga journey!