Let’s Go on Yoga Camping Trip!!


After last week’s fun-filled Day at the Beach, I wanted to plan another memorable summer yoga adventure for my kids this week!

Inspired by some painted “story rocks” I saw on Pintrest, I decided to paint some of my own rocks!  Made with a lot of LOVE, these camping-themed rocks provided some fun yoga prompts:


These little cuties were very well-received by the kids and some even asked if they could keep them. This would also make a great kids art project for a summer camp or art yoga class!!

Start the class by asking children to share what they might need for a camping trip and then let the yoga fun begin!

As each child picked a rock, we did the YOGA POSE or action painted on the rock.

End the class with a STARRY NIGHT Guided Visualization as the children pretend to snuggle in their sleeping bags.

Our Camping Trip turned out to be a big success!